Where to Find Onsen in the City of Osaka

Onsen or natural hot spring is popular in Japanese culture. It has great health benefits to relax the body and mind (plus it burns your fats too!). Sento or public bath is classified for the general public while ryokan is a private experience living the Japanese way.

I told my husband that I wanna live like a local for a day. On our last day in Osaka, we decided to set aside a budget for food and onsen. From Daikokucho (Yotsubashi line) Y16 to Kitakagaya Y20 costs ¥230 for 12 minutes.

In Japan even if there is a language barrier, people will try their best to help you. We got used to ask public officers for directions. There are many exits in a station, so we specifically ask which exit to take to a certain address. He used Google Maps until he found out we are looking for a public bath. Immediately, he picked a small square-size paper with landmarks to the onsen place. If only we asked in the first place!

Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku, the bath costs for ¥720 and ¥300 for the face and bath towel set (you can bring your own towels as well).

The experience was unbeatably awkward yet rewarding to overcome. Now it’s time to eat MORE food. AHAHA!

I would like to thank Ms Keiko for her informative blog!


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